The attendee accepts and declares that the organizers, producers, owners, managers, agents, crew, security and staff of "Aftermath" (THE EVENT) hereby ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER OF ANY KIND incurred by or relating to ANY FORM of theft, damage, injury, loss (including loss of life) that might result, directly or indirectly, from any individual attending, traveling to or participating in the activities at THE EVENT whether formal or informal. This includes possible oversight, accident, negligence, gross or otherwise, on the part of the above stated organizers.

The attendee declares that they are of sound mind and understand and accept that they are entering the premises on which THE EVENT is held, completely at OWN RISK and has read this indemnity, and fully indemnifies the organizers of THE EVENT as stated above from all possible claims arising from their attendance of THE EVENT for the FULL DURATION of the event in all possible interpretations. The attendee further declares that they are 18 years of age or older and are legally bound to this indemnity by the act of attending THE EVENT or; entering the premises on which THE EVENT is held or; purchasing a ticket for entry to the event.

The attendee accepts that all minors (all persons under 18) are to be accompanied by a person attending the event, over the age of 18, who accepts this indemnity on their behalf, and accepts responsibility for all the actions and consequences of actions by that minor person.

The attendee accepts that this is a private (non-public) event and that ALL rights of admission are RESERVED at the sole discretion of the stated organizers of THE EVENT, and may be refused entry or asked to leave THE EVENT without any reason, justification or explanation being offered or required. The attendee guarantees that they will, at their own cost, remove themselves, and any minor under their supervision, from THE EVENT and the premises on which THE EVENT is held, immediately upon request of the stated organizers. Should entry be refused at the gate, the attendee will be entitled to a full refund less payment processing costs. Should the attendee be asked to leave the premises for any reason after having been admitted entry, all ticket fees will be forfeit.

The attendee accepts and declares that they are to be personally held accountable for any willful damage or harm caused by themselves to any person, animal, property, structure or natural feature located on the premises where THE EVENT is to be held, as well as any willful damage or harm caused by a minor whom they are responsible for.

The attendee accepts that tickets are only transferable up to 23:59 on the day before THE EVENT commences, and that transfer of this ticket also automatically transfers agreement to this indemnity to the person the ticket is being transferred to.

The attendee understands and accepts that any ticket to the event only becomes valid for entry upon validation at the gate and entry being permitted by gate staff.