Leave No Trace

This is an arduous task but with a little help from your participation, it's all possible! LNT will be needing help in collecting sorting and educating about recyclables and non-recyclables. If going green is your thing, pop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get involved! Also, thinking of bringing a themecamp? You need to speak to LNT and DPW as they have the who's its, the how's its, the what now's and the where to's to all your questions regarding site pre- and post- Aftermath.

GLITTER: We strongly discourage the usage of "standard" glitter.  It is actually just shiny microplastics and causes huge pollution, especially in our water systems and to marine life.

Please click here to see alternative, eco friendly glitter that is:

  • Made from plant cellulose: non-GMO eucalyptus trees that are sourced from sustainable plantations
  • Waste water and marine safe
  • Registered on the Cosmetic Notification Portal (CPNP)
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan

It is about facing the reality of our single use lifestyles, by becoming aware of how the things we consume are wrapped in trash and unashamedly facing our buying habits. So that we can live more thoughtfully and also creatively deal with the trash we can’t help but make.

Leave No Trace will provide pre-Aftermath tools on how portfolios and themed camps and participants can trash more responsibly so that we can relearn how we used to live before single use packaging.

Leave No Trace will also provide a waste-management system for the waste that we do accumulate over the course of Aftermath – so that the bare minimum goes to landfill.

Relearn, Reduce, Up-cycle is the mantra


The waste management plan is dependent on the participation of all Aftermathematicians supporting the event being zero-waste.

The LNT team will host upcycling and resourcefulness workshops for munchkins and mathematicians during the day – this will include crafts and construction with eco bricks as well as upcycling of non-recyclables.

Wardens on patrol could help keep an eye out for any irresponsible trashing and let the trash team know if bins need sorting.

We need two people to manage the central Trash Collective during the day – this is where most waste will get filtered and sorted and where upcycling activities will take place. One volunteer who can routinely check small collection points and bring trash to the Trash Collective as well as refill water buckets for rinsing.

Mini sorting areas will be provided in busy places like Gate Camp, The Shebeen etc. (the team there can make sure people are responsible for the basic sorting of recyclables and eco bricks in their zones).

NO BUTTS IN ECO BRICKS. Butts and ash must be collected in jars and burnt in fire places. Eco bricks will be strung up all over for easy and convenient disposal of crinkly waste like chip and sweetie wrappers, clingwrap, foil, Styrofoam.

LNT team will provide worm bins/ bokashi for food waste and vegetable scraps. These will need to be separated to avoid contamination of worm bins with rancid food.

LNT team will take responsibility for locating nearby recycling plants and transporting recyclables to the necessary sites.