NEWS: Ticket sales will start soon.  We will let you know if we already have your email address, or alternatively simply enter your details into "Keep up to date" at the bottom of the page, and we will include you in our regular emailer.

  1. How do you buy tickets?
  2. When are tickets released?
  3. How much do they cost?
  4. How many tickets will be available?
  5. Ticket types


How do you buy tickets?

 Register an Aftermath Bio, then log into our site and click ‘Buy Tickets’ when ticket sales are open. You’ll then be taken to the checkout on our ticketing system. Registering a bio is compulsory and you will not be able to purchase a ticket in any other way.


When are tickets released?

General sales will start on 8 September 2019 and close at 23: 59 on 26 September 2019 or when they sell out, whichever comes first.


How much do they cost? on

  • General Sales Tickets – R300
  • Kids Tickets (under 18) – FREE!

 VAT & ticket agent fees included.

How many tickets will be available?

The same as 2018 – 199 tickets.


Ticket Types

General sales tickets:

Once you have created your Aftermath Bio, you will be notified by email when general ticket sales commence.  Without a bio, you will NOT be able to purchase a ticket.  Click here to create one now.

In order to buy a ticket at all, all and everyone will need to register an Aftermath bio.  This enables us to track our ticket sales and who will be attending Aftermath.  This aids us in our ability to help participants in case of emergency, as well as ensuring that all underage participants are accompanied by their guardians.  So even if you have attended before, or even if you are part of the crew, you will be required to register a bio in order to have a valid ticket.

Children's tickets:

Your children will be registered to you.  When you create your bio, please indicate the names of the children you are bringing along.  Your name and their name will be printed onto an armband that they are to wear at all times during the event.  Your child will not be allowed to leave the premises unless accompanied or expressly permitted by the person against whose bio they are registered.     


  • to receive a ticket, you need a Bio. Create one here.
  • the name on your ticket must match the name in your ID book / passport.
  • your children are your responsibility and must be listed on your bio, otherwise, we will not be catering for them and they will not receive an armband on arrival.

 You need two things on arrival: a ticket with your name on it, and photo ID (SA ID book / driver’s license, or passport if not an SA citizen). The name on the ticket and the name in the ID/passport need to match.

Don’t be a muppet – before you hit the road, make sure that you actually have your ticket (printed, or on a phone / tablet / device that has battery life) and your correct details are on the ticket. If not, your ticket can’t be verified and you’ll be screwed.


1) The entire event is created by a spirit of participation and volunteerism. If you’d like to pitch in, please consider volunteering by checking out our Participation page, which has loads of links and info on how you can contribute.

2) Aftermath is nothing like any other event – and you want to be prepared. Please browse the links on the Infomoth Guide.