× Here you can create a post for anything you need to set up your theme camp, art piece or anything else. The idea is that members of the community (you) will reply "I have that and I'll bring it along!"

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Hi there!

If you will be attending Aftermath 2019, and you are bringing art, or setting up a theme camp, exhibit or anything else, you might need some stuff you don't have. Let's do this community thing, and help each other out.

It can be anything, really. For example:
  • A helping hand
  • A tarp or a tent or piece of rope
  • A lift
  • Transport
  • Really, anything you need.

The idea then, is that someone will reply with "Hey, I've got that, let's make a plan!"

How it works:

You have to be logged in (in other words, you need to either create a bio or log in .
Then you come back to this page, you will see a "CREATE TOPIC" button. Click that, and you are on your way.

If you would like to reply to a topic, simply click "Quick reply".

And of course, come back and see if anyone has replied to your topic. You will also receive a mail notifying you of any replies.

Some rules:

Stick to our principles.
Be kind.
Make a difference.

NO Advertising or promotion will be allowed. No exceptions.

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